Moving things Around!

Hey folks! Posts on this Blog will be temporarily suspended for a week or so as I move some things around regarding the BLOG and PODCAST. Eventually, the Podcast and the Blog will be sent to different web sites. I will have more information on this soon!


New Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer!

Man, how many trailers does this show need? This is #4! Oh Who Cares! DRAGONS!

Spazbot Studios Is Born!

It has been a long time coming. This week I announced that I was opening the doors to a brand new Production Company named Spazbot Studios. In many ways the seeds for Spazbot Studios were sewn right here on this blog and podcast. This is where I started to form the idea, this blog and podcast in many ways have been my creative home for well over a year now.

However, what I wanted to do creatively could not be done here at Manifesto. Manifesto was too specific, too personal of a project to appeal to a broader audience. So, I have been working for the past three months to create this new Production Company which will serve as a banner for all my future content creation projects. The result of that work is Spazbot Studios.

So, where does that leave Montgomery Manifesto as a blog and podcast? A redesign for the site is definitely in the works. Lots of back end things you will not see until you see a NEW site. So, stay tuned for that. As for the Podcast, we are re-evaluating it. The show had a major thematic shift back in September of 2013. We want to keep going with that shift. Therefore a Re-Boot is in the works.

I want to invite you to check out Spazbot Studios today! Check out all the cool stuff there, and you can also follow theSpazbot on Twitter!More to come. This is only the beginning.

New Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser!

At only 15 seconds, you can only call this a teaser, but it is exciting to finally see some of the characters brought to life onscreen albeit briefly. We do not get any shots of Thanos or The Collector or Ronin. Perhaps those will be saved for the BIG trailer, whenever that releases. I will say with every bit of something that comes out, I get more and more excited about this movie.

Game of Thrones – 14 Minute Season 4 Promo!

The only other Major Pop Culture TV Phenomenon going that could rival Walking Dead for popularity is Game of Thrones. G.R.R. Martin’s Swords and Dragons epic fires up Season 4 on April 4th! And the producers are already promising, “Bloody Confrontations!”

Dead Fan Blogging – #WalkingDead Ep 9 Season 4 Re-Cap

Well, it’s about DAMN time. After publicity stunts, interviews, and general nerd squee overload Walking Dead returned for the BACK half of Season 4 this past Sunday! So, we all gleefully tuned in to find out what happened to our Merry… err… Bleak Band of Zombie Apocalypse Survivors after the destruction of the prison. Before I begin! Please, check out our NEW WALKING DEAD PODCAST, DEAD FANS TALKING! Episode 1 and 2 are already up, and we will be recording Episode 3 this week, which should be out Wednesday, 2/12, 2014! Now on to the good stuff!

***Warning, thar be Spoilers ahead!***

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